King of the Road

Property for sale or rent.

Rooms to let, £400 spent.

No phone, no bath, no pets.

DLA and Incapacity buys

an eight by twelve four bit room.

I am a man of means.

I am a King of the road.

I am king of my world.


Discharged into the community

with impunity,

professional emotional immunity.

I am impressed by my apparent psychological unity.


I am a King of the road.

I am king of my world.

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<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 18th Jul 2011 10:44

They let me out 13 months and eight days ago. It is a special place, Dunoon that is. I have been back twice in the last two months. I have had 11500 hits of my poetry on in a year! and had a poem published in the 127th Durham Miners Gala magazine and been on the radio 11 times! I have survived a brain haemorrhjage to give something back. Thank you for your inspiring comment. I have established a Community Mental health Centyre for my village.It has nothing to do with the NHS or SS. I am no longer the only mental patient in the village. I am also Welsh! but live near Durham.

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Rachel Bond

Mon 18th Jul 2011 01:41

Dunoon eh...i have caught the ferry there i remember it being quaint and lovely. i hope the psychiatrists let you out :)

<Deleted User> (8730)

Fri 1st Jul 2011 10:30

I like yours. I can imagine singing it to the tune. Mine ,by the way, was The Proclaimers version as I have the glasses and lived in Scotland for three years.

I am doing a gig in Dunoon next Wednesday. Consultant Psychiatrists will be attending....

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Rachel Bond

Fri 1st Jul 2011 00:47

me and my friend also rewrote this classic:

no rooms for sale or rent
may aswell live in a bloody tent
no school no work no respect
i aint got no cigarettes
an old worn out tarp will do
you got a bed and a fire
and you choose the view
ill smoke old stogies i have found
my heads in the stars but my feets on the ground
im a fan of the scene by no means
but i love life on the road
so if you really want this gypsy fate
come together for this criminal justice bill hate
give up your house and debts
and bring your cigarettes
cos its the only life thats free
got to break from this society
got to keep our dreams by all means
come live on the road.

haha really crap traveller version of king of the road. 1994 :p

your poem much better ;)

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