I Have Had A little Time

I have had a little time

on my own.

I have had three months

without a phone.


I have had a little time,

weeks in bed.

Mentally rested.

I have come back from the dead.


I have had a little time.

Friends wondering where I was.

Personally not communicating.

Once again I am the Boss.


I have had a long time

to adjust to my disorder.

A sixteen year cycle.

I have travelled through mental borders.


I have had lots of time

in a Psychiatric ward

sharing my troubles with others.

Sharing my discord.


I have had a little time

to make plans,

to consider life.

It is in my own hands.


This poem is about my last episode of depression. I have been well for six months now. Wow. My aim was to be well, mentally all year. I am half way there. Physically I have had a touch of dermatitis.


This poem’s title is from a Beautiful South track. I have written a poem using this title before. The poem has nothing to do with Bruce Springsteen.


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