World Peace

Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

Iran, Korea, China.


It is worth speaking out.

Worth more than one line.


Did David Kelly die in vane,

leaning against a tree?


Did 28 million people suffer in pain

for nothing for you and me?


Life is special and true.

It is really wild.


I want to know for sure

that the Barracks truly care.


That I will get my Disability Pension

during this Senate session.


That I will get the medical aid

for which I have duly paid.


That my family will live in peace,

not be shot at like wild geese.


That there will be no wars.

That common people will call the score.


That we will use waves and wind

and that the nation’s constitution will not be underpinned.


That we will be able to dance

in the streets given half a chance.


That there will be jobs for all,

That there will be a golden economic ball.


That our children will have an education

to get ahead of their station.


That time will pass by

with peace in the world.

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