Transient times

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Transient Times


Rain drops splash on my bed of leaves

the sun is pale and gives no heat.

As I slowly rise on aching bones

blackbird cries that im not alone.

People passing try not to see

they can’t afford the sympathy.

I wake from dreams of better days

to face another day lost in the haze

I have a secret that no one knows

I bury it deep but the pressure grows

till im burning bright as a nuclear rod,

at the gates of fear I stare down the black dog.

Resplendent, incandescent is my presence

the stars align to mark my ascendance.

I'm up to scratch and punching over my weight

with the mind of a greyhound waiting at the gate

revolution, is a mental revelation

I rise like a phoenix, high in elation,

the solution, is this thought made flesh.

Against the beasts of Babylon I contest

I confess, this alcohol on my breath

has been holding me down

and kept my soul depressed

but can’t you see the light pouring out of me

I can’t close this wound and its love that I bleed

I try to wake them but they’re in too deep

a city of sleep walkers living in the dream

I’m long way from the child I used to be

before I strayed in the maze, of Mephistopheles

where the streets are paved with mental disease

addictions and violence grow on the trees.

I can smile in the dark through these transient times

because I know soon enough the sun will rise

over this land of wet cigarette butts

and on the king of limbo with his crown of rust.

tramp vagrant homeless messiah transient times rhy

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C Byrne

Sun 17th Jul 2011 15:03


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