(OldAlphaHospital site Knaphill).


a healing centre stood here once

treatment place for sufferers of mind

i saw it laid to waste bulldozers

and demolition men filling skips

they levelling off the ground

taking away their rusty jcbs

with remnants of the past

melting with hi-vis vests onto

another routine vandal’s job


behind the oak staked wooden fence

where once maimed minds were eased

bare land seemed traumatised

a litter lout’s delight

landscape a blemish to the sight

a rich and noble heritage swept away

a place to mourn reduced to seed

today after the welcome rain and sun

purple thistles and wild flowers rose up




<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 1st Aug 2011 15:36

Great adjectives, great story, great vision, great....

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 24th Jun 2011 07:02

I like this Philipos, I like the way the thistles and flowers appear at the end, as if they are the souls of the people who were once patients there. On Lundy island there are the remains of an old hospital right on the edge of the cliffs, high above the sea. It was built near the quarry for all the men who had accidents there. Now it's just a wall with windows, and a few wild goats roaming around, and ravens. Actually, I think I feel a poem coming on! X

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