A Home.

 A home.

Where the heart is,


Even if the family fuss and fight,

that's alright.



Smells like good cooking,

sounds like banter, and laughter.

Not always,

a happy ever after,

but still a haven.

Sanctuary of love.

Pictures of smiles, and words from the wise.


Though I move, from place to place,

change up my pace,

you know,

never plant roots anywhere

but home.

See, no more,


returning to broken,


repetitive conditions.


So young, the confusion,

awaits at the top of the stairs.

who cares?

Behind these doors closed.

No one knows,

what transpires,

after school runs and changing tires.


But the tidal  influence of age,

washes all this to grains,

of past sands.

The cards in our hands,

are laid,clear to see.

You can live your life now,

as can she, and we

will not be judged by the sins of our fathers.

Take the deceit, the dramas.

Let the tide wash those past sands,

to oceans, to new lands.

Lands not incarcerated in hate,

or bitter ways.

Past days

are our lessons.

We are educated in life.

To appreciate the ones who love you,

who raise you.

Who make you,

a home.

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