check with glossaries for moons

aurorea diamonds and titania

watch out for sunspots on the milky way

venture through worm holes and beyond

today we see through telescopic sights

our tourist destinations of tomorrow


for some the sorrow of goodbye

who venture to the wide beyond

transcending kuiper belts

fulfilling fantasies of jules vernes

farsighted forefathers of our yesterdays

today we over fish blue oceans of our world


tomorrow is our onslaught of the universe

let not martian curses sway our path

or doubters say it can’t be done

what would we have won from

holding back on journeys to the moon

a vantage point for scrutinising earth


in just a century or so from now

new horizons will have been explored

as mankind soars to outer space

no single nation should be crowned

knowledge multiplies through many minds

as new materials transport us to outer space


today unsold at bookshops tube maps

of our future days outside of earth

but these will come with vaccinations

for the tourist hot spots of another universe

seas of tranquillity will be manifold as we

depart from earth in magical machines








at night i find that trains

take on a melancholy air

sturdy wheels sparking

and clanking along

chill metallic tracks


in the sudden glare of

temporary light a

flash of gantries seen

or shuttered stations as

locomotives scurry by


such times i mull the

most peculiar things

discarded newspapers

on seats or treats inside

a driver’s goody bag





john donne who was undone

and married ann without

squire more’s consent

thought through the error

of his ways while languishing at

fleet and undergoing imprisonment


eggerton his former boss

had words in higher places

and so donne earned with joy

the chance to roam at will again

although society never really

forgave the faux pas of his ways


cap in hand he raised pittances from

wedding poems and meditations

still hoping one day to find a niche

its said he also wrote some smutty

verse yet it seems these have been

airbrushed out of unrelenting history


years of poverty ensued before donne

finally got his break but the monarch

appointed him st paul’s reluctant dean

versatile he was sermonising for supper

and playing a cloak and dagger role in

political intrigues of his riskier times


beyond the english speaking world

apposite inscriptions are to be found

and in quiet almost forgotten churches

built centuries ago on hallowed ground

donne reminds us no man is an island

who does not marvel at these words





waist high they bathed

along the foreshore by the pier

splashing and yelling out to

younger men i heard them

 whooping for joy and then one

called out in a polish voice

come in boys its hot down here

yet no one took the bait




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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 1st Aug 2011 20:13

hi again Philipos.
the sugggested line
was an observation made by
the person watching the "locomtives scurry by
hence-taking my face reflection
in their windows.

perhaps the intention of the meaning
would have been clarified
if I would have added
'with them'after the word 'face'

no probs

thanks for other comments


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Mon 1st Aug 2011 18:06

Hi Stef, somehow this appeared twice though not of my own intention as the system appears to have gone somewhat awry.I take your point about reflections in the window, however, the observer is watching the train go by rather than being a passenger. I am inspired to write most of my poems when on my evening walk along a delightful stretch of canal and trains frequently whiz past suddenly illuminating everything in its path.I was unaware of being included in Learning Lessons Comments, was that a poem or if not how can I access it? That said, I know your remarks are always well intentioned.Thanks very much for your comments which are always appreciated.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 1st Aug 2011 16:06

Hi Philipos.
is the second poem title
meant to be Quiet hour trains?

"as locomotives scurry by...

could you use this line(no pun intended)
to follow on with-

'taking my face/reflection
in their windows?

this is a peace offering for
for naughtily including you in
'Learning lessons' comments.

although you no doubt have a sense
of humour I would,nt want to taint
your goodly rep!

loved all four poems by the way


<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 1st Aug 2011 15:37

Love the last one.....

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Amy Houston

Thu 23rd Jun 2011 21:41

cosmos, love it Philipos.

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