I walked without a shadow

in the bright sunshine


every minute of every day



by his words:


today my shadow resides

on photographic film

in a filing cabinet

and lingers hereabouts also


whilst we mull over

the implications

and options.

◄ the end of the past

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<Deleted User> (7212)

Wed 8th Jun 2011 21:35

Many thanks Guys & Gals

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Chris Co

Wed 8th Jun 2011 19:55

Simply- VERY clever.

I walked past tense, which I take to have been you in a photo.

Every minute of every day unemcumbered- your still talking about the photo. And this must be true because in the heart beat you were captured the description applied. So it will always apply!

By his this distancing yourself, you are the photo and you- different yet the same?

Your past self, forever you at a point in time, or at least a part of you or shadow?

This photo being in the filing cabinet?

You linger as your other you lingers and your mulling over what it all means, that is the you that ages?

Of course you may mean something else entirely.

Irrespective- I really like this- fantastic.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 8th Jun 2011 10:22

Excellent. Do we read the title as the first line?

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