Banners of Hope and faith

Unity in peace and war.

The brethren know the score.

Forever let our motto be

Unity, Combination and Liberty.


Clasped Hands.

The Fable of Faggots.

Loyalty and Endurance.

Each for All, All for Each.


The courage of youth

can safeguard the future.

Firm as a rock

we stand.


All men are brethren.

Sunshine is liberty.

Lest we forget,

we will make the wheels go round.


In our Union great benefit will be found.

So close the coal house door.

See the famous view.

Live in the moment.


We are the far off future

of the distant past.

We are the noble peace

for whom they dreamed and died.


Swords shall be beaten into plough shears

and spears into sickles.

We take up the task eternal,

the burden and the lesson.


Pioneers oh pioneers!

Workers of the world unite.

Knowledge is power.

Hail the dawn.


The all seeing eye.

Labour and peace.

A history of loyalty.

A history of progress.


It depends upon you.

The grip of the brotherhood.

The world over.

Services to humanity.


The future is in our hands.

Come let us reason together.

Do not forget the past.

Do not forget our brethren.

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