It's Been a Long Time - Gatecrash



It's been a long time since I posted. I'll start how I mean to go on...




We were the dance

Of mannequin square,

Trapped in the hush

Of a closed hand.


And the soft tap-tap

Was all it took; four

Fingertips on a soft palm,

Clapping like castanets.


And the glass drips hang,

Gasping at the candles

Flickering on

The tables below.


The faintest touch

Is warmth, with no trace

Of a quickening pace.

No pressure.


We minded the marionettes

That rocked in two-tone

Black and white, cigars,

Champagne, fast cars.


But we were threadbare,

Wearing woolly worn-outs

And Grandma’s hand-me-

Downs. And, for us


It was all about

The palm on palm,

The piano notes,

Our calm.


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