The God Particale - Thaum


This one is more of a story I guess, a work in progress


Time was getting old,

Things had changed from those early days.

When it was just chaos and confusion

Excitement of not knowing what would happen from moment to moment.


That was a long time ago though

Now the years where starting to catch up on him,

Age was leading to forgetfulness

When you or I forget things

Like why you went into a room

Or where the hell I left my house keys

It’s no big deal.


Recently though he’d lost an entire damn solar system,



Later realising it was one of those damn black holes.

They were a mistake if ever the was one.

I suppose we all get lazy and it was getting awfully cluttered for a while.


Something had to be done, to keep himself interested,

A nice little project to ensure his mind was active

I guess that’s how earth came about.


You’ve probably heard of it small planet,

On the spiral arm of a galaxy

To begin with things were going so well

That’s until he decided to get creative.


Now you may think that humans are funny looking

You should have seen his first attempts

A whole hodgepodge of whacky ideas

From the sentient jellyfish

To tribes of dinosaurs


Humans though that’s when things got strange

For some reason they kept trying to measure him

Some seem to define their lives by him

Now in some circles time is known as a dimension

What will they think of next


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<Deleted User> (9288)

Mon 26th Sep 2011 19:00

Thanks :) and for the first comment, it was an interesting point

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Peter Asher

Mon 26th Sep 2011 17:37

What I mean is - Is questioning always a good thing? That is excactly what sets us apart from animals. Our ability to ask Why? Is it good? do we need it? Is it an intended aspect of us?

Anyway thanks for the poem. Should I just say I liked it !!

<Deleted User> (9288)

Mon 26th Sep 2011 12:39

Hmm not sure really, maybe questioning things is what makes us human.

Oh thaum is a term created by Terry Pratchett to measure magic, just in case anyone didn't know.

I suppose faith or magic or luck or willpower whatever you would like to call it has driven man to do some extrodinary things both good and bad.

I wrote the poem first and only came up with the title more recently. I was thinking it could make a good introduction to a scifi book.

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Peter Asher

Mon 26th Sep 2011 12:25

Very thought provoking. Or is thought the weakness of man? After all humans are the only ones who have questioned 'him'. !

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