The Lingerers' Renga

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The Write Out Loud little Big weekend is over, and on the final day for those who lingered, there was Renga. each one of the remaining poets contributed to this one and, there should be several more being posted over the next few days. Have a squint at the photos in Galleries to see up to what we got.

They don't always have to scan, do they?


Two hours to Chorley

And the weather’s bad.

To Mankinholes came

the sane and the mad.

Them bi-polar poets

smiling as they write

about their dead dads.

Convivial, primeval, aural and rural,

That is Mankinholes with the sun.

I’d like to thank you for this

weekend, all is one, is one.

The sanity and vanity

Were washed away with brevity

And loony lines were all that stayed behind

But some will have a ticker-tape vision

Dance along the road and across the horizon

I found a child’s red macintosh

Draped over a stone sheep

Matter out of place, I took it to keep.

Take this paper from me,

it’s such a trouble,

my memory though, won’t

prick the bubble

I’m in.

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winston plowes

Wed 6th Apr 2011 10:37

Great Stuff, this was quite a segment of the BW -

Them bi-polar poets
smiling as they write
about their dead dads.

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 4th Apr 2011 08:21

Looks fun! I'll deffo be there next time - papier mache rocks permitting!x

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Greg Freeman

Mon 4th Apr 2011 08:13

Sorry I missed the Renga, Julian - had to get back down south for Mother's Day. Many thanks to Sean and Winston as well as your good self - plus Simon, Gaia, Freda and Steven, of course - for making it such a terrific weekend. Greg

<Deleted User> (9186)

Mon 4th Apr 2011 00:00

I'm not sure I understand this but at some point you will appear and I will cast salt over my shoulder. I had a wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon - David

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