12 Apostrophies: pt4


Get me whiskey (vodka)

I want whiskey (vodka)


It's gone ten o'clock

You may send yourself

Out to the boozer

Boozer me bollox

You may make do

With the volume

Of bottles

You saw fit to

Add to the shopping

With not a look in

For a vegetable or two

Or fruit

Fresh from concentrate

Vodka and orange juice




When the muslims

And the christians

Do come crashing

Towards each other

They're not even

Going to see the fence

Let alone stop

To find out

Why there's people

Still sitting on it

Looking like

The last of

Summer's birds

Wire gathered and whipped

Understanding now why

The gale that's blowing

Has grounded all flights




'I see queen maab hath

been with you again'

Said the blind stripling

To the ghost of

Denmark past

As the pontiff's daughter

Curried favours

In the guise of

Salome mark two

Seven veils for sodom

And three weird sisters

All making for a

Fine afternoon at

The playhouse

'this is not O'Dywers then'

He soliloquayed

Lurching bloom along his way

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melanie coady

Tue 29th Mar 2011 20:22

wow! u my friend are fascinating..truly xx

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