12 Apostrophies: pt3


What's wrong

With doing it wrong


And who decides

When right's not right

Plentier still

And what matter

Of a difference is it

When the purportedly

Adopted formula

Is not adhered to

By even a single

Member of the community

Till such a time as

An infection takes hold

Spreading to a grinding halt

The totality of one little lesson




Russet and auburn

Blankets of wrinkled quiet

Strewn and blowing

Each about the earth

Coded warnings

Of winters' approach

A cold

Still and enfrosted

Heralds nature

To seasonal hibernation

As the world

Our world

Dances the years

Final death

The one that could

Make or break us

Kill us or make us stronger




If I go

Watching a film

It'll mean

Sitting in a different chair

A philosopher's stone

Of form and meaning

And I know

Though maybe not

There's no real chance

Of me leaving

The sitting position

Anytime soon

As I am sanwhiched

Between the perplexity

Of habituation

And the need to

Keep myself entertained

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melanie coady

Tue 29th Mar 2011 20:21

fuckin hell!! loved it darlin xx russet and auburn blankets of wrinklrd quite! fukin brill xx

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