The Unnamed Child

The unnamed child

Hid under the raised matress

Of mother's and father's bed

The carpeted floor was warm

Warm beneath his stomach

And both Ted and Goosey Lou were there

The three wanderers

Seeking far shores

Sunlit beaches and treasure to find

Gold and silver and silver and gold

'and rubies' quacked Goosey Lou

And diamonds and rubies and pearls

'and chalices' gruffed Ted

Chalices and ducets and maps

Maps leading to more treasure

And more treasure and more treasure

Will I have a name

Wondered the unnamed child

And what name

There were so many

Warm on a carpeted floor

Beneath mother's and father's bed


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melanie coady

Tue 29th Mar 2011 20:18

goosey lou?! hmm name sounds familiar lol i loved it hun xx

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