Late January Afternoon.

its good to see the dazzling

sun again its rays bring out

the different shades of green

and as it dips towards the

skyline now corals the

remnants of the afternoon


the frost is in abeyance

although vapour trails betray

direction of departing crews

flying in the zones of the

citrine air and eggshell blue


and ground wise by the lake

part frozen still the ducks

high-tail and forage in the

rushes and the reeds for

roots or microscopic food


this is a lulling time of day

when energetic thoughts are

held at bay and children

wander home from school

with chiding mums in tow


and so I witness remnants of

the ruddy sun slip down

behind some distant firs and

see a skein of mallards soft

land on the lake from out the

drama ridden sky

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Thu 3rd Feb 2011 03:17

Yes! What a day. I remember as a school child never running headlong toward home if I didn't have to. Dawdling and wandering about in a meandering pattern was the best way. And ducks taking to the air against the sun dappled water is a brilliant view too. TFS!

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