Where Are The Flowers?

The church is empty

A lighted cross on the wall

Sins and confessions pr-empted

By God’s loving call


The sermon is preached

Delivered in a beloved tone

Enlightenment and stability reached

The House of God is our home


Gathering together to reverently sing

Organ recitals flowing through the heart

None of us are underlings

Hardship and hate will depart


Remember the murders of the past

Hindley, Brady, Shipman and the rest

Jesus said follow me to the last

Love conquers all at God’s bequest


There is always joy and hope

A guided light in the sky

Sufferers and sinners can cope

We believe in God, they cry


The church is filling

A lighted cross on the wall

And with love, God willing

Peace will enthrall us all


Why come to church?

What good does it do?

Don’t leave others in the lurch

We should give flowers to the chosen few


No more hidden agenda, Mrs. Jones

No time for worship and prayer

We are just skin and bones

We come to church, secure in God’s lair


We come here by The Grace of God

For The Grace of God

Through the death of our Lord

We come to church in search of truth



The Church is like a Working Men’s Club

We should all work together

It is the community’s central hub

Spreading peace and love forever

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 31st Jan 2011 19:17

I,ll second the sentiments in this poem.

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