12 Apostrophies: pt1


What is it

With this thinly veiled

Crack of a mind

Daily down avenues

Of hope and loss

Agast at imperfection

Cruising easily

Our mortification

Amongst debris

And civilisation

They call it a rose

Beautifully thorned

Seductively scented

A snag upon which

To gather your thoughts

Not nothing remains

When everything is gone




The moon is spun and gone

Night time roads

Remain clouded and dark

The only consolation

Is that of clarities irrelevance

At such a broad

Potential begining

Moons to turn to sun

Sun to light the way

One thing

To reach for

Another to pray

Big the bang and god

Vying for our faith

A companies cracked reflection

Turns early into late

Willing wings soul and song




We need to squeeze in

Time and money

For a haircut next week

It's long overdue

And I'm wound up

To the nines

With this

Constant twirling

Of the hair

Oily between

My thumb

And the finger next to it

On my left hand

Even now

As I'm typing

I curl circular in motion

Shadowing the table

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melanie coady

Sat 29th Jan 2011 17:04

beautiful hun..you have a vast mind of things unsaid and seen by others

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kealan coady

Sat 29th Jan 2011 14:34

I curl circular in motion...deadly and this has a real fluency to it. Cant wait to hear more man.

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