The Lunatics have Taken Over The Asylum

Argyll and Bute

There are nursing homes

In the community

Close it down



Peter Sutcliffe

The Yorkshire Ripper

A leather chair

Fifty seven channels

A table tennis table

For taking twelve lives


Everybody’s got a mental health issue

We’ve all got bills to pay


Should everybody be locked away?

Should we build more hospitals?

Should we build more prisons?

Should the community start to care?

Just like the old days

Should we leave our doors open?


Gordon and Tony

The tails that George wagged

Obama, the Saviour of the universe

He’ll save us just like Nelson Mandella


As long as nurses have long lunch breaks

And long tea breaks

When they are inapproachable to patients

We’ll be all right


We’ll be all right

Because the lunatics have taken over the asylum

And we don’t know who they are

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