Fortune’s Smile.


on a down day i know that in

the greater scheme of things

i am but a worthless grain of

gritty sand tossed around by

the mighty ocean’s awesome

terrifying power and trodden

underfoot at neptune’s will a

bulls-eye for the gulls manure


yet on my upbeat days i feel a

half-full cup a chosen one of

oysters for the lustrous pearl

and then i sit upon a nacre

throne delighted by the very

waves i once resented for

their random charm and

rainbow colours in the sun

◄ Precipitation.

Bottom Rung. ►


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Ray Miller

Thu 27th Jan 2011 14:23

I like the near-rhyme of power and manure.I wonder if you need to say that the sand is gritty and that the ocean is both terrifying and awesome.

a chosen one "of
oysters" for the lustrous pearl

of oysters sounds a bit contrived, I thought.
Very nice otherwise!

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Thu 27th Jan 2011 14:05

Hi Jules - thanks for commenting so favourably on this and I promise to check out your blog about bi-polar etc - much obliged

<Deleted User> (8730)

Thu 27th Jan 2011 09:55

Excellent, an excellent definition of bi-polar mood disorder too, highs and lows, so I find it well relevant. Please see my blog about Radio Tessdale performance yesterday and my appearance on its Book Show on 24th Feb to learn more about bi-polar

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