flamboyant in attire i often

see her in the town – she

wheels around an ancient

perambulator and mostly

wears a vacant stare


today i saw her in the library

where silently she mouthed

towards the empty pram and

clung to all the irreplaceable

memories enshrined inside




the world wide web is really

wonderful but lacks the feel

we get from books – today i

hovered in the library as one

best seller title caught my

eye – dance with death


who’d want to read a book

like that when every minute

we are risking doom and

asteroids could strike the

earth at any time or blow

us to a far side of the moon

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Tue 25th Jan 2011 20:44

Francine - thank you very much for your kind comments on the above such a rich source of material libraries eh?

Hi Stella - like me you're probably just drawn to poignant situations which doesn't translate to being a misery guts in my book and your comments are appreciated

stella jones

Tue 25th Jan 2011 19:40

yes I too like the link of the library..I did enjoy the reading of the first one the best, perhaps because I am a misery guts at heart!

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Tue 25th Jan 2011 19:26

The first one is a very sad observation... I am at the library now actually, and it's true, there are many people like that here. Many have no where else to go - they are homeless.

I like how you've linked the subjects together even though they are two very different observations.

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