What's it like

 when you become

 something greater

Than yourself?

The enigma of man

Turned into a symbol

Stretched thin

Your name on everyones lips

Weary from the unpleasantly

Of countless prayers

Calling for the smallest sliver

Of you

In their barren lives

Does the pain consume the symbol

The false idol

Prayed to for help

Prayers to sooth the soul

Of another

When you've committed

Your whole into someone else

Whats it like

Being consumed

By your own ravenous genius?

And seeing the hurt

You would only love to help

But the only help is love

A love you've given away

What does that pain symbolize?

Greatness nullified

By the confusing whims

Of lust and love

Battling somewhere 

near angels peak

Dedication provides the handicap

That ruins her day

And makes HER day

And ends your day

In that ark

Waiting out the flood;

Tears cried from someone

Who gave their all

 to a Symbol.

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