General Infection

The 2010 General Election

Has resulted in a new direction

No one party has overall majority

Liberal Democrats hold power as a minority


Let’s hope for proportional representation

A truer reflection of the views of the nation

Better conditions for the poor

A National Health Service cure


The first Green seat has come to pass

The environment debated meaningfully at last

Carbon footprint measurement everywhere

As well as the level of Carbon Dioxide in the air


We spent millions on an election

Yet an Exit Poll produced perfect result detection

Why did we spend millions on an election?

When we always get let down by our selection


A lack of transparency and integrity

Fiddling expenses for their prosperity

A huge pension, a huge wage

A probable peerage when they leave the stage


Yet 65% of the Electoral Roll voted

And the radical view of the Sun was quoted

The Electoral system took it’s knocks

As people were turned away from the ballot box


Are you left wondering why?

This country will slowly die

When the people in power

Are such a useless shower


But the alternative is difficult to contemplate

A fascist state lying in wait

Communism is outdated and gone for ever

And politics means lies and deceit on the never never


You know it’s time for a change

Time for something strange

For the people to take control

And pull this country out of it’s hole





There are two main things that need to be resolved

Banks need to be devolved and controlled

People need to start to care

And to love each other everywhere


Back to the Sixties is where we should go

And Flower Power is what we should show

“Power To The People” did Cliff rejoice

Let the “Melting Pot” be mixed together out of choice


I’m sounding more and more like a politician

I keep going on and on

But the one thing we must reject out of hand

Is burying our heads in the sand

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