Dinosaurs and poetry wars




They don’t like our kind

Because our voice

Challenges their crumbling


We’re too edgy

We threaten their safety

And our language

Is raw

And too gritty


And behind closed doors

This gang of


Dribble down the back

Of each others


Fool each other

Into thinking they’re


But they’re all fools

Because it’s game


It’s too late


And they’ll never survive

Unless they


Because the future’s


And until they see

That poetry

Doesn’t just revolve

Around them

And their chosen few

Then that’s it

They’re going to



It’s time for something


They know who

We are

They’ve seen us

And the applause

The reaction we


Troubles them

We are a presence

That will not


That they are desperate

To ignore

That they want

To deny



They can try

◄ Cider Barry

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Jules Clare

Mon 24th Jan 2011 09:49

I like the title, the structure and the content

steve woodsome

Sun 23rd Jan 2011 21:50

the trouble is,'they' think that they are one of you.
i like the words and the sentiment, but i've always thought that i was a bit of a rebel.
am i one of you? who knows

stella jones

Sun 23rd Jan 2011 21:16

Denial and dribbling down the back of each others pants brought such images..ha! a solid write with lots of grit..nice one x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 23rd Jan 2011 20:48

William Wordsmith agrees...respectfully! on both counts.

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