Writer's Block

My heart's crumpled paper

will never again be pristine

a flat sheet, clean,

the birth of imaginings

never more to scribe.


Yesterday's words leak past bandaged cracks

a mere trickle, the torrent gone

the odd ooze of feeling

from a stitch and plaster itch;

an irritant I daren't peal off

for fear of tearing the page.


A pen poised, a new tale waiting

to jot, hide the creases, the folds

smooth it out once more

check the wounds and reapply time's salve;

the ridges add definition.

Not every shadow lurks monstered.


Heart's heal.

They're good at it

and tomorrow's wind may yet see

this page tumble away

to mulch in a ditch

with other forgotten leaves.

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Andy N

Mon 24th Jan 2011 08:19

Hi Petrova - really enjoyed this although I am drawn to swapping round the first two stanzas for some reason.. either way, i love the line 'Yesterday's words leak past bandaged cracks' - top stuff! x

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Petrova Fairhurst

Sun 23rd Jan 2011 22:41

Thanks for your feedback John on "Writer's Block"
The poem isn't really about that unwanted phenomenon but rather a wounded and sore heart and therefore the fear of further pain becomes a block to future pleasure ;)

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John Aikman

Sun 23rd Jan 2011 21:05

Writer's block...unsuprisingly, is a common starting point for poetry. Consequently...it needs to fizz a bit with novelty. The second verse is fabulous...crackling with language...the rest of the poem is fine...for me, it's the first verse that needs re-adjustment. The syntax is all back to front...

How about...

'My heart's crumpled paper

will never again be

a flat sheet,

clean, for the birth of


No more writing...'


Or something.



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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 23rd Jan 2011 20:55

think the lovely poet Marianne Daniels would call this-and I would agree...wistful.I would add brilliantly so.-SW.x

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