1. The Lull.


spindly saplings sway and

silhouette the water’s solemn

face – this is the time when

nature rests before the buds

begin to show and birds

delight us with their song


i miss their joyful presence at

the other side of spring when

chaffinches and blackbirds

seek a mate and serenade


2. Perspective.


bereft of summer leaves the

trees seem pitiful and sparse

and yet their nakedness

takes on a splendour of its

own – the peeling bark is

better seen and ancient nests


all these are blending with

the dark – of course a tree is

only tall to we the small - yet

seen through atlas eyes the

tree is but a blade of grass

and giant hands can pluck

them from the ground at will


3. Fair and Foul.


wildfowl flash their nether

regions to the world with

hardly a care stabbing the

lake’s murky bed while

foraging for hidden roots

- coots and mallards are adept

at this although the swans

display a larger tail and

crane their elongated necks


on rarer days i see the

stealthy stork who hides his

rear from a prying world

but watches like a hawk

at times when fortune smiles

i see the mandarins beguiling

us with regal coats and

putting on their oriental airs





















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Mon 24th Jan 2011 15:19

Steve thanks for your encouraging comments - yes JB I certainly enjoyed his style - Richard Stilgoe commented on one of my publications and said pretty much the same - but Kipling is also one of my fav poets and some say JB was influenced by him - at the end of the end of the day we are all a composite of various parts

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