I became a woodpecker overnight

Attached myself to a telegraph pole in fright

My coloured feathers out of sight

Man is wrong, nature is right


I floated across the stream

Like a bat in a moon beam

Life is special, just what it seems

It fluctuates between extremes


My partner was working hard

Sitting on a nest in the back yard

We ate Wintery nuts and lard

Whilst posing for pictures on a Christmas card


Our babies were fluffy and ready to fledge

They sat patiently in the prickly hedge

They had pushed us over the paternal edge

Every ounce of our patience they did dredge


Generations come and generations go

Making the most of the cold and the snow

Temperatures that are both high and low

And ill winds that perpetually blow


I don’t want to be a man again

That provides too much emotional pain

I wonder how they keep themselves sane

With all their personal hate and disdain


It’s time to fly away in a dream

To resurrect life in it’s moon beam

Life is special, just what it seems

And I for one want to be redeemed


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