I swear it’s true –
the girl on the table in front
has a leprechaun
on her shoulder,
and the little bastard’s laughing at me,
with his little green jacket
& his rosy cheeks,
he’s taunting me -
with his devil-may-care attitude
- he wants his fucking lights punching out
if you ask me.
I mean, barbed wire, mum,
guns ‘n roses shit, hearts & flowers,
I can just about stand,
but a leprechaun –
what’s all that about then?

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Thu 20th Jan 2011 20:58

I'll try & calm down :)

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bernard shelton

Wed 19th Jan 2011 11:01

brought a smile to me old face did this, liked it

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Tue 18th Jan 2011 23:59

Calm down calm down - its only a tattoo (I think) liked the theme - amusing

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