Meg Elizabeth - No Title

I’ve got this


or need


that goes falling

at times

without weight

(or a force

that could fit

into physics)

or anything else

that could

give me a

thought worth

remembering why

‘cause I never

have found


that I need

wrapped in

numbers (or


with such

true measurements)

‘cause I

know what I need

comes in

unscripted pours

into unmeasured

coffee cups


and the color

of mornings

that don’t have a


and this

need keeps on



links on my

heart and it

dives and it

pulls ‘til I know

I must realize

that all of this

chaos is



  a friend found this on Flickr (so it's in the public  domain) - I liked it so much I've put it on here in the hopes that some of you agree that this really is great poetry. all the best. B 

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