Canal-Side by Cheese Light.


full moon tonight the gouda

fromage nestled by corona

clouds yet torch lights on the

water’s face my pace a slow

reflective one a time for

bard’s to think and lesser

men to reach out for the pen

and ink as i have done


street lights give their amber

glow as i approach the village

green and then i look again

towards the towpath scene

– where traffic signals stamp

constantly changing codes and

headed up my way a cyclist

and flashing gorgonzola lamp

of police box blue


◄ Redundant Churches.

Alarm. ►


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Tue 18th Jan 2011 23:54

Gosh Alan not even a snifter at Christmas then - impressive - glad you liked the read - thanks

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alan barlow

Tue 18th Jan 2011 22:13

seems like im liking a lot of what im reading tonight i think ill not post for the rest of the evening haha

i like the analogies and the flow i dont like the thought of corona you put in my mind which reminds me that i havent imbibed for over a month now

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