Steal another moment, linger

in the escape breathe life into

one more hour with you.

Don't close the door on us

though us there never was,

don't take away my heart

or leave me alone with loss.

I scream here in the dark

to think of letting go the dream

though I know to save my soul

I must do this, regain control.


So steal another moment

be with you one last time

then set aside this rhyme

take a bath to wash away

this folly from my mind

and the scent of my decay.

Fear not terror's chill

inducing restlessness like wolves

howling in the darkness

through the midnight of my soul.

Come back to steadfast self

greet each sunrise with great joy

for another chance to try

to live truly my real life.

Choose now to walk away

leave behind this foolish game,

deny the call, the pull,

the lure your blue eyes hold

to snare me when I'm weak,

guard against another fall

but oh, for one more moment

my roiling soul I'd steal once more.

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