Strychnine or Cyanide ?

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my mum says
you can walk around
the Trafford Centre
all day, if you like, for free –
there’s hundreds of shops,
it’s nice & warm
once you get inside
(well, a bit too warm, actually)
and it’s beautiful,
with real marble-effect Egyptian columns
and starbucks and music and stuff
& thousands of people
milling around
and shopping.
it’s a grand day out, I’m told,
if you’re so inclined.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 19th Jan 2011 11:32

I bet I loathe it more than you, times a million. No back answers, no barleymows ;p

If it can't be bought online, in peace and quiet, I don't buy it. Exception being the lovely little greengrocers near where I work. Apart from at crimbo when nasty rough old ladies snatch carrots out of your hands like there's a bloody carrot drought. Grrrr.

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bernard shelton

Wed 19th Jan 2011 11:10

liked the poem don't like the tc

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Tue 18th Jan 2011 17:53

I loathe it more :)
Drat - I've been praying for one of them thar cathedrals to consumerism.. then 3 come along at once.
Yes, come to think of it, I could live there too, Win (with an Armalite and plenty of ammo, that is)

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winston plowes

Tue 18th Jan 2011 16:26

Real marble-effect Egyptian columns! Its true. and a real night sky effect ceiling and real fake moroccan walls and a real fake new orleans street and a real fake china town. Its great! I could live there.

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Laura Taylor

Tue 18th Jan 2011 13:24

Urgh, stuff of nightmares, the Trafford Centre. I loathe shopping.

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