Freshfield Sands.


like wind-blown sand far

distant memories that come

and go at nature’s whim or

sway and desolate the sound

of breezes in the grasses of

the dunes – i hear the ocean’s

distant tunes a melancholy

sigh accompanied by

chorister’s of screeching

gulls and see the scurrying

crabs which head off for the

foreshore bladderack


and on the drier land the sand

lizards and natterjacks lay

camouflaged from prying

eyes while on the rippled

beach a play thing of the

tides and neptune’s mirth i

see the flotsam items far too

numerous to list and yet a

tree branch smoothed by sea

has caught my camera eye


where tide-pools take the sun

 upon their face i see reflections

of my parents there though

both long gone - dad with his

skimpy shorts convinced i’m

sure he was the higher end of

cool and then i jut my jaw

revering memories of my

childhood days and wistful

tolling buoys before we

headed back to liverpool

◄ Mid January Sunday.

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bernard shelton

Mon 17th Jan 2011 17:09

a good well written piece deserving of the good reviews

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Mon 17th Jan 2011 17:02

Hi Ann - yes places do move our thoughts and usually because of who we're with at the time

Stella - delightful to think our Dad's shopped at the same short's shop

Dave - so glad you and your friends enjoyed the read and for saying so

Laura - fancy you being at Freshfield as recently - wow

I will contact your pages separately - much obliged for getting in touch

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Laura Taylor

Mon 17th Jan 2011 11:37

Ooo - I was at Freshfields beach just yesterday!!! I think there may have been a storm because the beach was literally COVERED in starfish of all sizes, and all the shells had living (and some dead tbh) creatures in them! It was really something to see (and smell!).

Lovely poem - 'jut my jaw', nice line :)

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Dave Bradley

Mon 17th Jan 2011 00:51

I really like this, Philipos - it feels like a stroll through the sands and dunes with you. A friend who is not on WOL but looks in occasionally also said they liked it very much.

stella jones

Sun 16th Jan 2011 17:47

I think maybe your dad and my dad shopped in the same place for their shorts!

Your write gave me such a feel good factor. Good solid images bringing back memories of a day such as yours..and I do like the thought of that sea smoothed branch catching your camera eye..yea liked this.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 16th Jan 2011 17:44

Another lovely poem from you Philipos. And a moving one! Places do bring people back into our thoughts don't they? x

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