Cider Barry




My mate’s a boozer

Always smashed on cider

Always lost in space


All over the place

And it troubles me

It’s horrible


Watching him drown

In fermented apple

Rocket fuel

Straight from the bottle

And it’s killing him

And it’s terrible


Because he doesn’t listen

Because he’s in control

Because the world’s full

Of idiots

Who know nothing at all

He needs it

It sorts him out

And he can’t understand

What all the fuss is about


Well I’m not a counsellor

And I’m not a teacher

And I try not to preach

‘Cos I’m not a preacher


I’m just a mate

Who can remember how great

A laugh we used to have

You see

He’s no different from me

Good home

Good family

No trauma

No tragedy


He doesn’t work

What do you expect?

How can he?

He’s always wrecked


But now he’s suffering

All that abuse is kicking in

I said it would

Now he’s coughing

And pissing

And spewing up blood

His insides are dissolving

And he won’t get checked out

It frightens him


‘Doctors don’t know

What they’re doing’


Which makes me feel bad

Because he’s the best friend

I’ve ever had


He’d give his life for me


But I crumble too easily

When he’s pulling

At my sleeve

Begging for money


‘Come on just a fiver

You know I’d do the same

For you’


I know I shouldn’t

But tell me


What do you do?

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<Deleted User> (8753)

Mon 17th Jan 2011 17:12

a hard piece to read but well written and heartfelt

<Deleted User> (6315)

Sun 16th Jan 2011 17:57

lol I have started two replies and deleted em coz they didn't exactly say what I wanted..very emotive poem for me and I guess many others too..What do you do indeed..I guess just be there for them as long as you can stand it is the answer..think this put your feelings clearly and easily understood which makes it so hard hitting..good one.

Profile image

alan barlow

Sun 16th Jan 2011 16:27

ouch very heartfelt write puts things into perspective a little this, i enjoyed this a lot

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