timid creatures they that

graze around the heathland

furtively with doleful eyes

which bring surprised delight

to all who see them blending

with the shadowed trees

a group of two or maybe

three i saw just recently

which swept into the dingy

undergrowth from view


today I see one fallen at the

kerb beside the busy

thoroughfare one cloven hoof

was pointing at the road

accusingly its head tucked

underneath its chest a road

kill evermore at rest but not

alone inside her swollen form

a life that never saw the day

◄ Leaving of Liverpool.

Below the Belt. ►


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 13th Jan 2011 22:07

Philipos, I like the stark contrast of humans seeing them in the wild and then as roadkill.

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winston plowes

Wed 12th Jan 2011 22:45

great this one Philipos. I have seen these animals on the road and in the woods. your piece paints them nicely in both environments. Win X

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 12th Jan 2011 07:11

So sad Philipos! I hate to see poor dead creatures at the side of the road. How are they to know what a hurry we are to get everywhere?

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Tue 11th Jan 2011 20:54

I would say 'Oh deer' but I don't want to cheapen this sad image which would indeed haunt us if we had seen it.

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