Regrettably neglected

Go the thoughts of a dreamer

The illuminated streamers

Gleaming down deserted streets

There's blood on the brain

The everlasting stain

Upon a stain, upon a stain...

This cycle, unrelenting

Am I through repenting

To the father that walked out

On these cries

The day the dreams died

Oh, what a morbid 

color those clouds Were dyed

Perhaps I can finally confide.

But what would that change?

We no longer speak

Two cosmic bodies evading

Running out of near misses

Running from the bliss

Running, running....

This cycle. Give and take

Do you have the will to break?

Away. From the accepted

Deny thine lesson

Rely on self

Preservation is key in this Circus-esque race

Imagine the honey sweet taste

Of heaven debased

Into disgrace

I need this grace

To relieve the ache

Of hoping to relive that last epoch

That ended tragically

Without cause or epilogue

To guide a longing hand

Without another to hold

No longer bold

Look what love stole.

But the thief is praised

In her facade and jade

Will she be repaid?

The woeful debt of sorrow?

Doubtful, little will be done

Besides the birthing of sounds

Similar to misery

Because I'll never grow to be

The sinner I was meant to be

This hell in my eyes

Matches my voice splendidly

A demons symphony.

And if a song was grown

From all the life I've known

I wager it would be

A rugged opera of distress

Help me help me

With my mess

This life I've dressed

In rags and chains

Clipped feathers and vampire fangs

I've learned to live in this place

Like all dark things

Absorbing the pangs 

It just hurts so bad

And I want to feel the pain.

In which house does misery remain?


From the heart

◄ No Way of Knowing

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