Unlucky numbers





I hate it when I have to struggle

Out of bed early hours for a slash

And it’s freezing and I’m wiped out

Because I stayed up late to watch a film

I’d heard was un-missable


Then awoke with a jolt

As if I’d been tasered  

To see the DVD telling me I’m

Up in less than four

So I go upstairs and soon

I’m dreaming


But my bladder’s screaming

To my brain and there’s this pain

So I kick back the quilt

And see that I’m ready to joust


And downstairs the one on the cooker

Tells me I’m up in less than two


And as I empty - I sense the light

Preparing to smash the night

Punch its thick white fists

Through every window in the house

Reminding me that once again

I have to swallow the same

Soul-battering episode

Of boot laces and bus stops

And bosses and bosses and bosses

Until the touch of something incredible

Says otherwise - and I hate it.

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