3am Poem.


can’t sleep the central

heating sounds have seen to

that i get up for a pee and

see through blinds and lamps

windscreens swathed in

rime – this is the foxes

zone but even they have

found a quiet place to rest


a distant engine drones a

plane i think destined for a

warmer clime – i reminisce of

times when setting out on

jumbo jets to foreign parts

and supped an in-flight gin


this is the hour when tickers

fail the elderly or frail i

remember someone in the

family once-removed on

borrowed time wondering

when a phone call will

announce his sad demise

◄ Unblessed.

Airport Encounter. ►


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Sun 9th Jan 2011 20:30

Nice structure and has a good musical sound to it!

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alan barlow

Sun 9th Jan 2011 19:37

i dint see thos before i posted mine it would appear would would both benefit from some zopiclone at present?

i especially love how the last stanza removes itself from the main poem for me and forms its own space separate from the writers own tale of insomnia

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