almost there

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She comes home around 12
every night & I figure that
maybe she works behind a bar.
It’s cold & black out there as she
clip-clop clip-clops up the stairs
in her high heels
& I always try to stay awake for her
beneath the duvet.
I’ve only seen her once or twice,
slim & blonde & very sweet
but there’s no lovers on the scene
for us two;
  she kicks off her shoes & I hear the
bathroom light come on,
a moment’s pause then
a stream of golden heaven plays
for me
as I hold my breath to hear
every drop
& I’m almost there
as she delivers once more.

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Fri 7th Jan 2011 21:11

more of a dessert wine -
- sweet & honeyed... mmm

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Rachel Bond

Fri 7th Jan 2011 20:53

this one is definately piss poor, slim blonde and very sweet, like a nasty bouteille de vin egar.

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