Wrapped in the after-glow

the gift of your skin so lately blazing

now softly cooling, warm.

Your beaded brow relaxing

above eyes reflecting my image,

gathering all detail with fingers

tracing my contours to review later,

when geography intervenes.

For now entranced; by your stillness

and the heat between us

where forms meet, tangled limbs

and souls still meshed, the rise and fall

of your chest and heart's steady beat

under hand whose tremblings cease.

Wordless, listening to sounds drifting

from the street, other lives bustling,

the world continues, outside,

though time here stops but for the clock

with red lines changing, rolling forward,

heedless, of my desire to rewind.

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Sun 9th Jan 2011 10:07

Lovely poem Petrova. I find it hard to write about coital stuff without being corny but you avoid this nicely. You manage to conjure up a wonderful picture for the reader - I could imagine myself being you quite easily LOL. I think we could all stay in such a moment forever...

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Petrova Fairhurst

Fri 7th Jan 2011 20:58

Thanks again Cynthia for your encouragement. I've written a few pieces this way and from an entirely male perspective too, maybe I'll post one of them, your feedback would be welcome :) x

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 7th Jan 2011 19:58

The mood of sexual denoument is struck sympathetically and kept intent with great skill. I found it interesting that you take the part of both partners at once, by your assuming that you 'know' what the other person is doing 'tracing my contours to review later'. Such confidence is rare.

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Ray Miller

Fri 7th Jan 2011 08:42

Fine poem. I liked this bit
tracing my contours to review later,

when geography intervenes.

Nice internal rhymes throughout. You want "whose tremblings cease"

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Thu 6th Jan 2011 20:00

I agree with Alan entirely - a well crafted piece IMO especially liked 'Wordless, listening to sounds drifting from the street'

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Petrova Fairhurst

Thu 6th Jan 2011 18:35

Ah - I could stay in that moment forever, sigh! x

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alan barlow

Thu 6th Jan 2011 18:17

a very evocative piece conjures up the moment perfectly i think especially the part about the realisation that there is indeed still a world outside

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