the monetary side of things is

small change – its values they

bestowed on us that really

counts at general audit time


of course we all inherit traits

we didn’t really want – the

odd bad penny of a faulty

gene kept firmly under wraps


do such things really matter

in the money bank of life

where scoundrels scoop the

double cream in any walk


i’m proud my mouse poor

parents preached that money

doesn’t talk – though mother

used to do the Vernon’s pools


whether reward for them

meant vast riches in the

store houses of paradise

time alone for me will tell

◄ Pax Romana.

Briefly. ►


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Fri 7th Jan 2011 04:09

That is filled with treasure troves. A timely reminder whilst the world has spun out of control, drunk with consumeristic orgies. Thanks for sharing.

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Rachel Bond

Thu 6th Jan 2011 02:08

yes the pools results...tense moments in time. a serious business.
practicing a serious bit of positive thinking i told everybody that we were undoubtably going to win the pools that week.
we won £50...not bad.

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Rachel Bond

Wed 5th Jan 2011 23:43

parents preached that money doesnt talk
though mother used to do the vernon's pools.

love these snapshots of life you take...its the thrill of the about 'spot the ball'?

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