Drag Artist - Revisited.


seen in town the hag with

dowdy hair and whiskers

yellowed by the fag who

huffs and puffs and pants


two hands hardly enough

to handle breathing aid

a walking stick and fag

fumes cloy her dated rags


when she was young and fair

to smoke was all the rage

the monarch Georgie smoked

and all her idols on the stage


weed exacts its wage

wheezing rattling cage

not a time to brag

about a murderous fag


◄ Downed Tools.

Transgression. ►


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Wed 5th Jan 2011 22:25

Isobel - do you smoke BTW ?
- just a thought :D

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Petrova Fairhurst

Tue 4th Jan 2011 13:45

Like the layered feel of this, I'm reminded of my dad whom I watched every morning coughing up his lungs, those idolized sticks eventually killed him, exacted their wage indeed!

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Dave Bradley

Tue 4th Jan 2011 08:34

A good poem. Although the main points are perhaps about tobacco and idols, the poem also asks the reader to look behind every so-called 'hag' and see the young and fair woman who once was.

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Rachel Bond

Mon 3rd Jan 2011 18:13

glad you re wrote this...although just to be pain in arse i liked the last line of the first verse best and now its gone..but this makes a more powerful point...although fags are all the more appealing when condemned, pass me a light for my idols still break all the rules x

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Mon 3rd Jan 2011 18:05

Hi Cynthia - job done - I agree it does looks better (albeit WOL main screen playing up at the moment) - ta for troubling to comment on the even stanzas - having said that had trouble doing the amendments - system playing up - hence your original comment wiped off - I will fiddle about and see if I can get a better result later

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