I confess





Coming home one Friday night
Scranning burgers and half pissed
Me and a mate stopped to talk to three prossie’s
All smoking in the doorway of a charity shop

“What would I get for a quid?”
My mate said, belching and flicking onion
Off his shirt

“You can scrape this shit off me shoe”
Said a ginger skinny piece
With lips like two cig papers
And tits like boiled eggs.

“What about a fiver?” said my mate again
Still concentrating on his grub.
Nobody answered.

“A tenner?” said my mate, looking up.

“I'll give you a wank”
Said this tasty oriental-looking bird
With long black hair and a fantastic arse
Tucked into tight white jeans.

"We all fuck for thirty" said ginger skinny
Raking through her bag

“UGLY COW!” said my mate

“FUCK OFF!” they all replied, ginger skinny
Wiggling her little finger

I saw tasty oriental about a fortnight later
Doing her lipstick in the same shop doorway,

I confess to missing my catalogue that month.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 1st Jan 2011 19:19

Good one, Mike, fast paced and interesting from start to finish. Can only assume you spent your quid elsewhere, whatever the 'catalogue' might be.

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