Another day at the office

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Is it just me... or do I appear to have sex on the brain lately? Hmmm, it's not healthy!



It started as business on a trial basis
your understudy, partner in crime
the exchange of signatures
contract terms
within weeks we were exchanging body fluids
dirty secrets and Heaven knows what else.
You showed me the ropes, and something else
not included in the job description, but who really cares?
It was obvious from day one
something was going on
in professional terms, you abused your position
though in all fairness, I showed you a few.
When offered a day in lieu, I gladly took it
but didn't expect you to take me
into the staff restroom
and lock the door
still, I hardly screamed in protest
only in ecstasy.
Conference weekends those with families shirked
we volunteered ourselves with gusto
continental breakfast, king size bed
room service, 'Do Not Disturb
and if the waiting staff were late
we'd service each other.


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<Deleted User> (7266)

Sat 1st Jan 2011 12:48

Classic highlight of the office do! S x

<Deleted User> (7212)

Fri 31st Dec 2010 08:06

our office parties were usually rather tame in comparison - but the photocopier shenanigans are in there :)

<Deleted User> (7266)

Thu 30th Dec 2010 19:43

Watch Fat Les - Naughty Christmas on Youtube - and be honest if it brought back memories! xx

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Dave Morgan

Thu 30th Dec 2010 17:45

Loved this. So honest.Perfect contribution for Office Party season, it brought it all (or some of it.... the bits I can, or want to, remember) back to me. Anyone like to volunteer if they got an unexpected present at work this Christmas?

<Deleted User> (7212)

Thu 30th Dec 2010 09:31

better to sit on it (so to speak) -you know - like naughty girls do & run off a few copies

<Deleted User> (7266)

Thu 30th Dec 2010 01:01

What Banksy.... Bend over? lol S x

<Deleted User> (7212)

Wed 29th Dec 2010 23:56

you couldn't just go over to that photocopier, and, er, well....

(nice poem BTW)

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Wed 29th Dec 2010 20:59

Just wondering which office that might be - office of Fair Trade perhaps - seriously a rivetting good read - will be surprised if this little lot doesn't get a wave of double-entendre responses - well done

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