Bring it on!




I cracked open two double – yolkers,

Sent them sliding across the pan.

Then I began to butter some bread cakes.

To the left of me a white kettle grumbled.


It was late Sunday morning…


And some guy on the radio was waffling shit

About tomato plants and I thought it amazing

That some people would have waited all week

Just to tune in and listen to this tedious little gardener

With his strange gargling voice, who probably ejaculated

Whenever he ran his fingers through a good organic compost


I shuddered… and cut him dead

Just as the kettle began to gallop furiously,

Spitting and bubbling before clicking itself to a steaming halt.


I spooned coffee into my special mug and then returned

To my eggs - they were doing just fine!


And in those few minutes, with my back to the heat, I began

To rip myself open: To reflect on missed opportunities –

The failures, to wonder what he or she might be doing now,

And then the positives: The desire to plan, to rebuild

To take the bull by the bollocks and this time -

Really go for it!


I carried my thick white stack into the living room

Placed my coffee at my feet and sank back into my chair


You see to me existence is a recurring nightmare 

A continual battle against the odds

A tightrope challenge across a pool of Piranhas

A succession of loaded gloves that you can never quite dodge;

But I’ll tell you something: no matter how tough it is

Or how tough it’s going to get - one thing’s certain

After I’ve demolished these two big babies - I’ll be ready for it!

◄ Jackanory

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<Deleted User> (7789)

Tue 28th Dec 2010 18:21

Excellent! I like the humour especially but the last stanza is particularly good!

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 26th Dec 2010 23:54

thing I love about your poems is that theres no twaddle in any of them-told as it is so to speak-in a very clever clear cut manner-love em!

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