Ian McShanes Legs

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Having never been up close and personal with a man over the age of fifty;

I had no idea that nature

Takes all that’s nifty

From a mans legs

And gives nothing much back in return.


It was shocking to me when watching Pillars of the Earth

While sat eating a chinese, as you do,

To see the complete dearth

Of muscle and prowess

Contained in the legs of the aforementioned icon.


For his frame, they seemed ever so spindly and weak

Something akin to pipe-cleaners.

He was wearing a skirt, so to speak -

On account of his part in the show as the ‘Bishop’

A role he played well, until his timely fall.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 10th Apr 2011 12:45

since there seems to be more seriousness than humour around lately,I,ve come on here again to tickle my funnybones.really funny! haha.x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 22nd Dec 2010 16:41

cheers again Jo-last time we were on chat you mentioned about your latest 'venture on O.U.-how is that going and was the degree for pyschology I think you said it was-thanks very much-Stefan.x

<Deleted User> (6884)

Wed 22nd Dec 2010 15:32

This poem is about the impermanence of all things. Perhaps you didn't look deeply enough into it Mr Dowd. By the way, why have your comments been removed?

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 21st Dec 2010 09:45

hahaha! you are so right and well observed Jo! I saw those same exposed 'string'legs with knots for knees in the pooey'Pillars of the earth'...yawnnnnnnnn! cheers-Stefan.x

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