Another day has gone and

Amber street
lights cast an

Eerie glow on crusted snow

While car roofs glint like

Marcasite in side-road bays

Beside my dwelling place


Another day has gone and

Traffic sounds are slow or

Intermittent now and in the

Garden where the Bamboos

Are their branches wilt

Weighed down with icicles


Another day has gone and yet

I hear no trains or planes or

Children singing carols at the

Doors like yesteryear when I

Was young no blackbird

Sound or nightjar song


Another day has gone

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 19th Dec 2010 07:39

You capture that eerie creeping silence very well. I love the marcasite reference. Love the last verse, full of melancholy, as Greg says.

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Greg Freeman

Sat 18th Dec 2010 23:19

Melancholy one, this. Words like "slow, intermittent, wilt," and "weighed down" set the mood, along with the mournful repetition of "another day has gone". That eerie silence last thing at night (ie now!) when there's hardly any traffic, another day has gone, and, as John Lennon said, "what have you done?"

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