Kerb-side view.


When our local Bail Hostel

Turns out they pour onto the

Daylight streets in substance

Shell-shocked states and we

Bear witness to the scar-worn

Scowls angry looks and

Menaced posturing


You robbed a boy of 14 you –

You Cunt the svelte like

Woman screams through

Damaged lips then side-steps

To a swipe from lurching-man

Who sways on rubber feet


Crescendo rises to a pitch

And on lookers express

Surprise at insults from the

Witch and just as quickly as

The ruck began it ceased un

Policed then off they headed

To another street to bleat

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Thu 16th Dec 2010 21:51

Hi Francis - thank you for the kind comments on Kerbside View - just goes to show our next best poem could be just around the corner when we least expect it

<Deleted User> (8672)

Thu 16th Dec 2010 15:20

Nice phrase, 'scar worn scowls'. Like the alliteration and the life-like image it creates. I like the juxta position of the svelte like lady and her use of language. Of course, it isn't really a juxta position but you know what I mean. So very true! Describes a scene well in virtually any city or town, anywhere.

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