Inside the barn-like pub

Awash with lunchtime trade

The day-crew drink their

Draughts with practised ease


History in frames adorns the

Walls King Hal Queen Bess

And HG Wells a sample of the

Greater sum of all


When former post men put

The world to rights chatter

Circulates in waves and one

Imparts a poser to the knaves


Another name for postal

Sacks barks he - how many

Letters asks his mate who

Takes the baited scam


Millions quips the questioner

His face now puce with mirth

And Guinness charged his

Quivering belly over large


And outside where the air is

Fag-smoke blue - baccy

Junkies speak through

Passing clouds and chill


But I who’ve been there done

That with cheroots now pass

Through palls of smoke with

Pious eyes and choke

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Greg Freeman

Wed 15th Dec 2010 21:15

I'll meet you in Wetherspoon's in Woking for a drink sometime, Phil!

<Deleted User> (8672)

Wed 15th Dec 2010 16:16

Again, I like this. 'Practised ease', that phrase makes me see the type your talking about. Nice atmosphere created here, I think.

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