for you

can it be you
after all this time
before me now
what once was mine ?

can it be you
whose lips I kissed
before me now
another’s wish

can it be you
or just a dream
you smile and turn
I smile and seem – alive again.

◄ Valley of the Dolls

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<Deleted User> (7212)

Wed 15th Dec 2010 08:13

Jeez - you've nearly got me crying into me cornflakes now (sniffle) - oh, no, that's me cold, that is. xx

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Tue 14th Dec 2010 22:17

Alas and alack - I have no fair prince to trap under the mistletoe - perhaps I should find some 4 leaf clover instead!

<Deleted User> (7212)

Tue 14th Dec 2010 17:52

so - it's the evil Christmas-fairy a-woken up, is it ?
and whose been rattling your cage ?
all ready for Xmas then ?
bought plenty of mistletoe?
sure you've got enough?
yes, I'd nip down the shops if I were you - just to be on the safe side :) xxx

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Tue 14th Dec 2010 17:27

No it can't.

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